Nomis ServiceDesk is a centralized service, handling first-level support of customers, by Nomis support service professionals.

ServiceDesk support service professionals

  • Solve most problems during first contact
  • Evaluate the need for additional support
  • Delegate the support request to the customer’s support or to a third party, if needed
  • Take care of customer contact

ServiceDesk expansion

Nomis ServiceDesk services can also be expanded to include second-level support for the customer. The service is managed by Nomis HelpDesk –system. The customer can also request to have their own extension to the work management system or their own Nomis HelpDesk system.

Nomis implements the trade leading ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) model in developing support and customer services.


  • Single point of contact
  • Releasing resources and work more efficiently

Creates savings

  • Shorter response times
  • Improve availability and quality

Increases user satisfaction

Our sales team will be happy to answer all questions regarding our services

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