Nomis Group

Nomis is an ICT organization, established in 1993. Our offices in Finland are located at Helsinki and Lapua. Globally we provide services from our offices in Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Philippines. We offer tools and solutions for management and development of service and production processes. Our software and service solutions cover both the tools and know-how needed for the process management. We have also a long experience of different software development and expert projects on various domains. Customer satisfaction is the most important success factor for us. Our clients are all organizations with willingness or need to develop their processes and operation.

Business and service idea

Nomis’ goal is to offer high quality, full-scale IT-solutions tailored to suit the needs of our customers globally. We firmly believe our customers can appreciate excellent individualized services that always aim to fulfill their specific needs with a clear and practical approach to the solutions we provide. Our solutions are based on open, standardized and widely spread operating systems and their given possibilities. This way we can guarantee continuity for the soutions we design and compatibility of the hardware we supply with future operating systems.

Business areas

Our sales team will be happy to answer all questions regarding our services

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2 Microsoft MCP
3 Sophos Partner Program
4 F-Secure
5 HP
6 Sophos Partner Program
7 Fujitsu
8 Ohjelmisto- ja e-business ry