Nomis FeedBack

Nomis FeedBack system is meant for organizations of all sizes, who want to collect feedback from their interest groups. It is meant for organizations who want to handle feedback systematically, being able to track them and any actions done based on them, and also to report and analyze all the steps taken.

Nomis FeedBack system can either be installed to your server or provided as a service.

Available language versions are English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish.

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Case: City of Järvenpää

“The system makes it easier to give feedback, and to process it. Before a customer might have sent feedback and questions to several email addresses, but now they can give feedback directly via the feedback channel on the city’s website.

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Customer Services Manager Satu Hänninen


Feedback system

  • Feedback forms can be freely configured, there can be several types of forms in use simultaneously and they can contain logic, which causes different questions to be displayed based on situation.
  • Given feedback can be forwarded directly to correct unit and to the correct person within the unit.
  • Customer can be informed automatically via email, when the processing proceeds through different stages.
  • It’s easy to add attachments to questions, answers and comments.
  • Easy to use and to deploy.

Our sales team will be happy to answer all questions regarding our services

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