Evangelical Lutheran Parishes of Espoo implemented Nomis HelpDesk system

The co-operation between Nomis Oy and the City of Espoo Parish Union started at the end of year 2012, when the union of parishes decided to start using Nomis HelpDesk system in their Information Management Services unit. “The CRM-based tool that we were using before didn’t fulfill our requirements anymore, so we decided to survey options available in the market. Nomis HelpDesk was selected as the appropriate tool”, tells systems specialist Stephan “Schumi” Schauman of Espoo Parish Union.

There are nine people working in the Information Management Services unit, that are serving the six parishes of the City of Espoo, and seven other parishes at Western Uusimaa region (parishes at municipalities of Karkkila, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Karjalohja, Sammatti, Siuntio and Nummi-Pusula). There are approximately 1,100 PC workstations supported. The Information Management Services unit is responsible also for the management of IT network, support of telephony systems, and acquisitions of phones.

Extension of the IT services outside the borders of the own parish union in Espoo in 2012 added effort that was required, and made it even more necessary to have a well-functioning workflow management system. The selection of Nomis HelpDesk system was made, among other things, by the fact that the system had ready integration to 3StepIT Asset Management system, and that it contained self-service portal for the customers of the IT services. With help of the portal, the self-service of the customers can be increased, announcements can be made of e.g. about temporary unavailability of services, and customer satisfaction inquiries can be made. “The software has also extensive reporting features, which was one of the number one criteria for the management”, Stephan states with a bit of laughter.

Nomis HelpDesk system implementation went fast, and as agreed. Stephan says that the system has been put to use with very much excitement, and in less than six months the number of the processed service requests has already exceeded 3,000 tickets. This implies that the need for the tool was recognized correctly. “Now when one has used the system for a few months, one also notices that the prioritization of one’s own work has become easier with the system.”

Stephan mentions that the challenge for the remainder of the year is to take further information about the system for the end users, about the Customer Pages and possibilities of how the customer features can be used. “We have arranged events, where we will practically show to our customers, what the system is all about. This way we hope to get more satisfied customers, but also feedback and good ideas how to improve our service.”

Stephan thinks that the co-operation with Nomis has proceeded in an excellent way. There is a quick reaction to requests and they are followed through until they are finished. The possibilities for configuration of Nomis HelpDesk system allows to take the needs of the organization into consideration, and the system is easy to use.

Customer: Espoon seurakuntayhtymä

Contact: Stephan Schauman

Information about the organization: The City of Espoo Parish Union is the second largest union of parishes in Finland. The parishes belonging to the union have approximately 178,000 members which equals to approximately 68% of the population of the city. There are over 600 employees in the parishes and parish offices. The union includes City of Espoo Parish, Espoonlahti, Olari, Tapiola and Leppävaara district parishes, and Esbo svenska församling, the Swedish-speaking parish of City of Espoo.

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