Nomis QualityDesk

The Nomis QualityDesk mobile app allows staff to register and report quality inspections quickly and easily. Inspection locations, topics, and used rating scales can be entered into the system in advance. Inspections can then be done in a preferred order, and the progress can be monitored through comprehensive reporting.

The application is suitable for any organization that wants to monitor and improve quality through access to up-to-date information, allowing management to develop operations, and improve customer satisfaction. Nomis QualityDesk is also suitable for organizations to self-monitor.

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  • Real-time collection of everyday data
  • Ability to produce comprehensive reports from refined data
  • Access to up-to-date information on measures taken
  • Assists with risk management and cost savings
  • Information on who has completed the inspection
  • Improved customer satisfaction and service level
  • Tracking of service level and competitive tendering
  • Ability to make decisions can be based facts
  • Features of the application also assist the service provider

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