Nomis HelpDesk – Not Just Ticket Management, but also Electronic Service Channel

Nomis HelpDesk clearly streamlines work, saves time and money, and makes working more efficient. Nomis HelpDesk is a browser-based workflow management system for support organizations of all sizes. The software significantly eases the registration and monitoring of service requests, which also improves customer satisfaction. Self-service portal for end users enables service in time and location independent manner. The product is very easy to implement, and to adapt according to requirements of your service processes.It is possible to add e.g. asset and customer register modules to Nomis HelpDesk. System is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish language versions.Nomis HelpDesk system can be provided either based on perpetual licensing on premises, or as a Cloud based service.

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Nomis HelpDesk – Advantages

Keep your customer support at high quality. The browser-based nature of the application makes it possible to follow-up on support and service case status and deadlines at any given time. You’ll automatically receive reports for the follow-up on your service quality.

Improve customer support productivity and reduce risks. Information efficiently flows directly to your entire support organization and your customers. You’ll improve communications with f.i. automated e-mail receipts.

Save time and money. Adapting to the application is effortless and does not require additional software or hardware installations on workstations. The unified working principle of the separate parts of the application eases familiarization. Your savings in work hours and expenses will earn you your investment back in no time.

The application is flexible and can easily be adapted to suit specific needs, for example, for the use between several organizations or to support the outsourcing of customer support. You’ll effortlessly attach the application to your customer- and user registries as well as hardware and software monitoring programs.

Keep hardware and software information and documentation up-to-date with the application’s own embedded hardware, software and IP- registries.

Utilize the knowledge of your customers and organization when evolving your business. Through the application you can easily save support requests, customer feedback and ideas about your products and services. The solution database helps solve problems quicker.

Work time savings

» Faster problem resolution

» Centralized work management

» Own interface for customers

» IT asset management

Cost savings

» Flexible to accommodate your needs

» Work load follow-up and reporting

» Service level reporting

Customer satisfaction

» Support and service event follow-up

» More efficient customer service

» More efficient information flow

Increases productivity

» Work streamlining

» Reduces risks

» Solution database

» Request classification

Nomis HelpDesk – Training

Nomis HelpDesk –application training is divided in three sections, main user training, basic user training and tailored training. Training events focus mainly on the use of the new application version. The hardware and software registry section also deals with further IT attribute utilization in the application such as contract, service and license management. The links will take you to more detailed descriptions of each section.


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